It’s been quite a while now since I’ve made a post in this blog. I’d like to make a large announcement though that’s overdue. I’ve accepted a new position at AHEAD in Chicago as a Solutions Architect on their Enterprise Service Management team working mainly with ServiceNow (as of March ’17).

I ended my tenure at Apparatus/Virtusa as the internal ServiceNow administrator. I’d say that the amount of self-development that I had learning the platform while there was extremely limited. All exposure I had was due to what I was able to interact with within our instance. With that said, we had some things that were developed in that “don’t touch it, we don’t know how it works, but it’s working, so leave it alone” way, so I was limited on knowing whether or not things were setup correctly, or with a reason for why they were how they were. This sets up many limitations for growth understanding a platform.

On the up-side, I will say that my experience with SharePoint has been extremely beneficial to my move to ServiceNow. Many of the standard features, overall architecture, and method of how to consult are very similar. I’m also learning to appreciate my sysadmin experience more and more, as many of the plugins for ServiceNow (i.e. discovery) are much easier to understand having been an administrator at one point.

I’ll be writing posts about my experience growing as a consultant, tools and tips of the trade, and things I learned about ServiceNow directly soon!

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